What is a Strumpet?

The history of the Strumpet and what she means today.


So, what is a Strumpet?

First, let’s go back a little further. The name of our Company, Sweet Libertine, has always been a little sexy. We have eyeshadow names that don’t always fit convention, and it’s fitting, because a “libertine” is defined as:

a person who behaves without moral principles or a sense of responsibility, especially in sexual matters.
In the beginning, we had a customer rewards program. We wanted to give it a fun name, something flirty. So, we ended up going with the “Lusty Strumpet Society” (Strumpet is defined as “a promiscuous woman”). The program was popular, and people loved being a Strumpet. We had to take a hiatus in 2014, and when we came back we restructured the entire business to run faster and more efficiently – and sadly, the customer rewards program (as it was built) just didn’t fit in. But we didn’t want to lose the name – it was a beloved symbol to us. When we brought back the Eyeshadow of the Month Club we decided to move the name, and thus the EOTM club became the Lusty Strumpet Society. The Strumpet was back, and in all of her glory!
The Lusty Strumpet Society is based on being a little racy, a little sexy, but not obscene. We like to have fun with names, embrace that sexiness, open up a little bit of a fantasy world where everyone is welcome.