Frequently Asked Questions

Billing and Shipping

Shipping is included in the Lusty Strumpet Subscription price, so you get everything for a flat $12/mo (or $20/mo international).

The Lusty Strumpet Society bills on the 15th of each month, and they are shipped between the 15th and the 25th.

You are billed when you initially sign up, then your card on file will be billed automatically on the 15th of each following month. If the card is declined it will reattempt charges 24 hours laters, for a maximum of 3 times. After this, your membership is declined for the month.

Your first month is the only exclusion for this.

Signups made before the 15th of the month: That is your payment for the month, so you will not be billed on the 15th of *that same month*. Your charges will resume on the 15th of the next month. You will not be charged twice in one month. So if you sign up Jan 13th, you are paying for that month when you sign up and you will get January’s package, but you will not be billed again until Feb 15th.

If you sign up after the 15th of the month: That payment applies for the next month’s color. So, if you sign up on January 28th, that is technically paying for February. Your charges will resume on March 15th.

Lusty Strumpet Basics

Yep. In Sweet Libertine 1.0, the Lusty Strumpet Society was a customer rewards program. When we came back from hiatus in 2015, the old LSS didn’t fit into our new structure. However, the name was so beloved that we decided to use that it when we brought back the Eyeshadow of the Month Club.  So the Eyeshadow of the Month Club is now called the Lusty Strumpet Society.